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1. Select the gender, and goal. Enter age and body fat.

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Our free macro calculator is an online customized tool that calculates your nutrients intake and provides you real-time diet plans.

It is a complete package that takes care of your health and dietary issues.

How to use macro calculator to calculate your macros?

Our tool is highly customized and user-oriented. Its mode of operation is very simple and easy.

This tool contains three steps, and after completion of these steps, it provides you the results in an instant.

Step 1

Select your gender, age, goal, and body fat percentage.

Step 2

Enter the measurements of your weight and height in your preferred system of units.

Step 3

Select your meals per day, activity level, and protein level.

Click "Calculate" to get the whole plan that includes per day values of your macros and calories.

What are Macros (IIFYM) or Macronutrients?

Macros are the major biochemical compounds that you take into your diet. Your diet is majorly composed of these nutrients as they are the most essential ones in a whole lot of compounds.

Our physical body needs a regular diet to sustain and nourish, and these nutrients are present in food to cope with the needs of energy and maintenance of the body.

Hence, you cannot remain healthy and sound without proper intake of these food components. Therefore, a balanced approach to a proper diet plan is necessary for your well-being.

These macros are carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.


45-65% of calories


10-35% of the calories


20-35% of calories


Carbohydrates are macromolecules formed by the combination of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. They are extensively taken by us for the proper functioning of the mind and body.

Carbs Content of some foods:

FoodCarbs per (g)Carbs per 100g
White Bread2050
Wholemeal Bread2042
Porridge with milk3014
Danish Pastry 110g5551
Banana (100g)2023
Sugar 10oz25100

Carbohydrates are abundantly found in fruits, vegetables, milk, honey, sugary juices, etc. We use carbohydrates as the main energy source owing to their benefits to different parts of the body.

Carbs provide energy to your whole system as in the case of cellular respiration, the energy ATP is utilized by the body in this phenomenon, as glucose which is essentially a carbohydrate is used to produce ATP.

A reasonable number of fibers intake, soluble or insoluble makes your bowel function properly. Moreover, studies show that these fibers also prevent digestive tract diseases.

Furthermore, carbs provide instant energy to your whole body.


These are the macronutrients formed by the polymerization of amino acids. It means amino acids are joined together in the form of long chains to form a protein molecule. They contain hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen in the structure.

Protein Content of some foods:

FoodProtein SizeProtein Amount
Fish1 oz7
Chicken1 oz7
Milk8 oz8
Rice/Pasta1/3 cup3

Out of 20 amino acids, 9 are essential that cannot be produced by your body, and you have to take them from different sources to meet up the body’s protein needs. These amino acids are found in animal meat such as chicken, fish, mutton, and beef as well as grains, legumes, and species of their class.

The function and importance of protein cannot be denied due to the fact that our body is composed of 16-20% proteins and cells are based on protein material. However, there are several specific functions of proteins

They help in the growth and maintenance of the body, in building muscles and tissues. Moreover, there Are a variety of different uses of proteins. In case of injury or pregnancy, you should increase your protein intake to recover from illness.

Besides, proteins also act as hormones such as testosterone, insulin, and other important hormones that are necessary for the messaging between cells across the body.

Proteins also catalyze the biochemical reactions in the body. In the form of enzymes, they combine with other compounds to increase the speed of your body’s metabolism.

These reactions are related to digestion, blood clotting, and energy synthesis. Proteins also maintain the structure of your body such as bones, tendons, and ligaments contain proteins.


Fats are made up of lipids, containing carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. These lipids are long-chain polymers of fatty acids. They can be saturated or unsaturated, depending upon the presence of double bonds in their structures.

Percentage of fats in Oil:

Oil NameMono SaturatedSaturated
Palm Oil3750
Sunflower Oil2010
Butter Oil2660

Saturated fats are solid at room temperature and found in foods obtained from butter, cheese, and dairy products. In addition, these fats are also found in some oils like palm oil, coconut oil, etc.

Trans fats are formed by the artificial hydrogenation of oils to solidify them. These fats are not good for health as they increase cholesterol levels.

Unsaturated fats are best for dietary use, as they remain in a liquid state at room temperature. That’s why they do not clog the veins and do not increase blood pressure and cholesterol. They include sunflower oil, canola oil, olive oil, etc.

Fats are essential for development, and as an energy source for the brain. They are used to store vitamins A, E, D, and K in the fat tissues. Besides, it provides insulation to your body from heat or cold.

What are the advantages of using our macro calculator?

• Analyze your nutritional factors

With the help of our macro calculator, you can analyze your daily nutritional values, your energy consumption, and your energy intake.

It is more like your account’s bank statement that describes your cash deposit and withdrawal, similarly, with a macronutrient calculator you can keep track of your nutrition factors.

• Lose weight faster

Losing weight faster is relatively easy when utilizing an online tool for macro calculation. This is because the calculator will help you know how much diet you should have to reach your goal.
You can easily follow-up on the Macronutrients' requirements to intake and lose the weight with the same activity level.

• Create a comprehensive diet plan

Very often, people lose motivation while sticking to a diet plan because they do not work out a comprehensive strategy to get started with.

Nevertheless, our macro calculator helps you to get real values of carbs, proteins, fats, and calorie intake that ultimately helps you to develop a diet plan as you can use our macros calculator for weight loss or gain.